By Shoshana Berger

(Business 2.0) – Picture Perfect

Pocket cameras keep getting better and better, and Sony's DSC-T1 is the new champ. As small as a deck of cards, this 5.1-megapixel digicam packs big-camera features like 3x optical zoom, thanks to a Carl Zeiss lens that's cleverly housed within the camera body. It can also capture MPEG videos (with audio), and the huge 2.5-inch LCD means no more squinting to point and shoot. Sony Cyber-shot DSC-T1: $550;

Keyed Up

The Bluetooth-enabled FrogPad is a wireless portable keyboard that works with PDAs, Pocket PCs, or smartphones. Designed for one-handed typing, the Pad's clever layout places the 15 most commonly used letters in easy-to-reach places. The technique requires some practice, but once you get the hang of it, this 5.5- by 3.5-inch tadpole feels perfectly natural. FrogPad with Bluetooth: $200;

Sharp Memory

Knife? Check. Nail file? Check. PowerPoint presentation? Check! Victorinox's Swiss Army multitool adds a 64MB or 128MB USB flash memory stick and red LED to the usual cutting blade, file, and scissors. For frequent fliers, there's also an airport-safe version that omits all the sharp-edged tools. Swissmemory USB Victorinox: $63-$84;


Data Port

Sierra Wireless's Voq smartphone can lighten your load with always-on e-mail that updates automatically via secure, enterprise-hosted mail servers using Lotus or Microsoft Exchange. The Windows interface is ideal for working with files and documents, and a flip-open "qwerty" thumbpad with predictive text capability allows for snappy messaging or Web browsing. Sierra Wireless Voq: $200-$400;

Sonic Blast

The Motorola E398 is a miniature boom box disguised as a mobile phone. The built-in MP3 player pumps 3-D stereo surround sound through speaker grilles on the sides, while disco lights blink in time to the rhythm of your tunes, ringtones, or even ambient noise. There's also a flash camera to supplement your hazy "Night Fever" memories. Motorola E398: $150-$300;

Big Fish

What's the point of having a camera phone if your snapshots look as if they were taken through a dirty fishbowl? With 1.2-megapixel resolution, 5x digital zoom, a built-in flash, and 16MB of memory, Kyocera's Koi can capture as many as 40 high-res pics sharp enough for 3- by 5-inch prints. You also get a phone that's Web- and text-message-enabled and packs a hands-free speakerphone. Kyocera Koi: $300;

Personal Trainer

Nokia's rugged 5140 offers fitness buffs an onboard interval timer, chronometer, and FM radio to while away workout time. There's a camera and Web connectivity, of course, along with push-to-talk functionality for staying in touch with other trailblazers. Don't worry if you veer off course, however--the built-in digital compass and flashlight can help you get back home. Nokia 5140: $150-$250;