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The Best World Phones Four mobiles you can count on around the globe.
By Matthew Maier

(Business 2.0) – BANTAMWEIGHT In your pants pocket, the 4-inch Nokia 6230 feels more like a cigarette lighter than a world phone. But when it comes to features, there's nothing small about it. The 6230 has built-in Bluetooth and a digital camera, and plays video clips and MP3 files (you can add extra storage memory via an expansion slot). The tri-band phone works on almost any GSM network and supports high-speed GPRS protocol for seamless Internet access. $300; www.nokia.com.

BIG THINKER Even when the office is an ocean away, your computer desktop is as close as the Audiovox PPC4100, thanks to the smartphone's always-on e-mail connectivity and Windows Mobile 2003 OS. With a 400-MHz processor and 64MB of RAM, the tri-band communicator can pull up any of your PC's spreadsheets, and its rechargeable internal backup battery gives you 30 minutes of additional power before the 3.5-inch screen goes dark. $399; www.audiovox.com.

VALUE LEADER You don't have to spend a lot to stay in touch. The tri-band L1200 from South Korean manufacturer LG is built for high-speed Web surfing and supports mobile AOL instant messaging. The clamshell phone also incorporates a zoom camera, and it just sips on the juice: You get 10 days of standby time on one charge. A convenient world clock stops you from making a call home when everyone stateside is sacked out. $150; us.lge.com.

MEDIA MASTER Want to bring back detailed shots of that prototype from your R&D lab in Moscow? The tri-band Siemens C66 is the phone for you. Along with its built-in camera and photo-editing application, the C66 boasts 3MB of internal memory, allowing it to store hundreds of photos. And with its Java-based gaming platform, it'll also boost your spirits--if not your productivity--when the Aeroflot agent announces that your flight has been delayed. $200; www.siemens-mobile.com/usa. -- MATTHEW MAIER