The Best Wireless Headsets for Cell Phones
By Jesse Freund

(Business 2.0) – CRYSTAL CLEAR It's as if the other person were right next door. The Plantronics M3500 uses noise-muting software to deliver crisp incoming calls, while a smart microphone boosts outgoing transmissions above any airport or traffic din. Thanks to a wide arm, the Bluetooth headset fits comfortably around your ear. $170;

MULTIPLE FUNCTIONS With Jabra's FreeSpeak 250, you seldom have to flip open your mobile: Perform hold, redial, and call-reject commands with a touch of the Bluetooth headset. The Jabra goes eight hours between charges, or twice as long as the Plantronics. But its fit in the ear is uncharacteristically snug, so try the gel-like earpiece before you buy. $100;

MAGNETIC PERSONALITY Fonegear's Cord Free Headset offers a remarkable 25 hours of talk time from a single AA battery. Credit the low-power magnetic-induction technology, which also operates in a less frequented (and thus more secure) radio band. One negative: Your cell phone must be wired to Fonegear's small transmission unit. $75; -- JESSE FREUND