Future Drive
The car of tomorrow is packed with more electronic brainpower than ever, delivering unprecedented performance, safety, and style.
By Thomas Mucha

(Business 2.0) – What have you got under the hood?" isn't the same straightforward question it once was. Oh, there's still ye olde internal-combustion engine down there, but it's not alone. Today's cars are getting more of their zip—not to mention safety and style—from chips and processors: Approximately 22 percent of a new car's content is now electronic, and that figure will soon rev to 40 percent. Any carmaker looking to wow its customers is experimenting with silicon-based improvements to every aspect of the ride.

Which is exactly what the following stories uncover. Our first-ever special section dedicated to automotive technology tells you why BMW puts its most imaginative minds 6,000 miles from Germany, in Northern California. You'll find out why Volvo is installing digital cameras in its mirrors, and how tiny LEDs, like those in the prototype above, will become the headlights of the future.

Of course, no edition of Bonus would be complete without a peek at the latest gadgets, and this month's Gizmos highlights must-haves for the Business 2.0 driver—everything from the best hands-free car-phone setup to a tiny laptop that perches on the door of your glove box. Like the efforts of the leading automakers, such creations will move car nuts—in more ways than one.