Cutting the Wires at Work
The office no longer needs to be a Wi-Fi-free zone. Here's how to outfit your workplace for wireless.
By Matthew Maier

(Business 2.0) – If you're using Wi-Fi, chances are you're doing it from your home office or a coffee-shop hotspot. Corporate IT departments have shunned wireless networks, mostly because Wi-Fi can open a huge security hole. Forrester Research found earlier this year that just 20 percent of the U.S. corporations it surveyed were equipped with wireless local area networks.

That's about to change. Wi-Fi security has improved dramatically, and state-of-the-art authentication, encryption, and network management tools are standard in the latest generation of industrial-strength Wi-Fi gear. With that in mind, Greg Collins, senior director at research firm Dell'Oro Group, expects a 75 percent leap this year in shipments of enterprise-class access points, making them the fastest-growing segment of the wireless networking market. Here's a guide to setting up your officewide system. — MATTHEW MAIER