Live Rich, Retire Richer
Maybe You Can Have It Both Ways. Here's How To Enjoy Your Money Now And Keep It Growing For The Future.

(Business 2.0) – Yeah, yeah, we know: You fight that rush-hour traffic and pull those 12-hour days because you're passionate about your work. It's not really about the money. It's ...

Ah, forget it. If you're like most of us, you work because having money is a heck of a lot better than the alternative. Let's face it: If you didn't feel that way, you wouldn't be reading this magazine. So this year our investment guide focuses on two goals that aren't as mutually exclusive as they sound: enjoying the money you've already made and parlaying it into more.

Before we get to the former, we start with a healthy dose of the latter. When it comes to the bulk of your nest egg, the place to be is, of course, the stock market. But the challenge is to keep yourself from falling prey to the excitement and hype. To advise us, who better to turn to than Henry Blodget, a former Internet analyst for Merrill Lynch and a man who knows such forces—and the financial pain they can cause—all too well. Blodget provides a blueprint for navigating what he sees as a perilous near-term future for the market.

But since man doesn't live by stocks alone, we've also included a special foldout filled with intriguing ideas for playing with your investment mad money. Did you know that you can buy an apartment building with your 401(k) savings without losing the tax advantages? That you can vacation like a fat cat through fractional ownership of tricked-out motor coaches and mega-yachts? That cases of Bordeaux can bring double-your-money returns in mere months—or can simply be poured at your dinner table if their value declines? On second thought, maybe it's not all about accumulating money. Sometimes it's about having fun with it along the way.