Earnings Roundup
By Jesse Freund

(Business 2.0) – ORACLE Analysts predict second-quarter earnings of 14 cents per share when results are released in mid-December, up 2 cents from last year. If Oracle can complete the PeopleSoft acquisition quickly, it could add as much as 7 cents per share to the company's annual earnings.

FedEx Its second-quarter earnings—to be reported in mid-December—are expected to be $1.17, compared with 87 cents a year ago, thanks to the company's expansion into China. Keep an eye on the next two quarters to see how the integration of Kinko's is faring.

QUALCOMM In late January the chipmaker should announce first-quarter earnings that far exceed last year's 26 cents. Qualcomm's stock price doubled this year as its CDMA format became the wireless standard in the United States. Its high-speed EV-DO network could soon dominate the country's cellular data too.