Essential Wi-Fi Gear
By Rachel Rosmarin

(Business 2.0) – HOTSPOT FINDER WiFi Seeker Locates a signal before you boot up your laptop. $30;

PORTABLE PROJECTOR Toshiba TDP-SW20U No cables required for your big presentation; beam your PowerPoint deck from your laptop via 802.11b. $1,199;

MOBILE ROUTER Apple AirPort Express Create your own instant 802.11g hotspot for PC or Mac. $129;

WIRELESS PRINTER HP Deskjet 6840 Wi-Fi connection allows up to five users simultaneously; prints 30 pages per minute. $200;

WI-FI CARD Belkin Wireless Pre-N Network Notebook Card The 802.11n standard is still evolving, but you can get better range and signal now with this cutting-edge card. $110;

HANDHELD Axim X30 Spare your laptop's battery by using this Wi-Fi PDA to check e-mail and look up directions. $279;