By Matthew Maier

(Business 2.0) – The Perfect Pack

Eddie Bauer Computer Organizer Backpack; discontinued (but spotted on eBay for $40)

Here are my requirements for a business backpack: I need straps that allow me to either sling it over one shoulder or free up my hands by cinching it over both. I need to be able to retrieve my Treo 600, my Sony T1 camera, and my wallet--without having to unbuckle or unzip--but if the backpack gets overturned, nothing should fall out. It must be at least 12 inches wide, to carry my laptop with the hinges facing the bottom. For 10 years I searched for a bag that met these needs. I found only one--my Eddie Bauer backpack. Even better, this ballistic nylon bag is all black (for a professional appearance). I paid $69 for it at Target, but it's so useful that I'd now pay $400.

PO BRONSON Author, What Should I Do With My Life?

Warren Buffett's Bible

The Intelligent Investor, by Benjamin Graham, updated with commentary by Jason Zweig; $20; HarperBusiness

Whether you're buying whole companies or just a few shares, there's no better investing how-to book than this. But don't take my word for it; the book is famously revered by no less an intelligent investor than Warren Buffett. Graham's advice is simple--any stock you buy should be worth more than it costs--and he provides a method for determining a stock's intrinsic value. The newest edition, published last year, features witty annotations from Money columnist Jason Zweig that prove Graham's advice is now more relevant than when first published in 1949.

DAMON DARLIN Senior editor, Business 2.0

A Camera That Travels

Casio Exilim Z55; $399; www.exilim.com

I've tried plenty of digital cameras, but I love my Exilims--my dented 3-megapixel Z3 workhorse and the newer 5-megapixel Z55 that I got for Christmas. Size matters for daily portability, and at an inch thick, the Casios fit easily in my pocket. The 3x optical zoom is essential--digital zoom is a useless gimmick--and since I often shoot indoors, the larger lens aperture (lower f-stop) lets me get by without using the flash. With the long battery life--up to 400 shots--and a 1GB card, I can travel without worrying about chargers or peripherals. Exilims are exceptionally easy to use, with fast shutter response and intuitive menu settings for shooting everything from fireworks to food. I carry an Exilim wherever I go. How are the pictures? See for yourself at www.flickr.com/photos/jurvetson/.

STEVE JURVETSON Managing director, Draper Fisher Jurvetson

The End of Charger Clutter

Zip-Linq Sync & Charge, available for many PDAs and smartphones; $15; www.ziplinq.com

I can't live without my Zip-Linq Sync & Charge. This dynamite gizmo allows me to recharge my Treo from the USB port of my laptop while I'm on the road--which means no more hauling around a separate charger. The retractable cord also works like a docking cradle, so I can sync my contacts and e-mail. Better still, I no longer worry about losing my charger; because it's tethered to my ThinkPad, it's less likely to get lost in the shuffle. Even if I do lose one every once in a while, Zip-Linqs are so cheap that it's no big deal.