Pixar's The Incredibles
By Matt Palmquist

(Business 2.0) – The latest boundary-pushing animated feature from Pixar Entertainment, The Incredibles proved that technological innovation and well-imagined design pay off in the marketplace. The movie tells the story of a former superhero--now a suburban insurance adjuster with three kids--who leaps back into adventure when he's summoned for a top-secret assignment. To achieve realism, Pixar developed new methods for animating multiple humans so that every character's hair, clothes, and muscles moved in a unique way. The company also applied techniques used in live-action films, recording real shadows and blending them with computer graphics. With The Incredibles, Pixar established itself as a movie studio--not just an animation house--capable of pushing the genre beyond the staid conventions of Disney. "Pixar continues to lead technologically in a category once dominated by what's-his-name," Freeman jokes. What's more, the film's technical prowess never detracts from its storyline, reinforcing Pixar's pledge to produce family fare that will keep adults glued to the screen. -- M.P.