Fiskars Posthole Digger
By Susanna Hamner

(Business 2.0) – Breaking into the long-handled garden tools market, the company known for its iconic orange-handled scissors set out to reinvent a design that had been neglected for 50 years. Responding to a common complaint about posthole diggers--you can't use one without banging your knuckles together--Fiskars created a simple, sleek tool with a curved, ergonomic grip (and orange handles, of course) that digs deeper, narrower holes than traditional models. When it debuted at Home Depot with splashy in-store displays, the digger's instant sales success caught the attention of other home-improvement retailers, including Lowe's and Menards, the latter of which had never carried Fiskars large tools but immediately began stocking the hot item. Judge Nanette Bisher asks, "How can you not love a product so beautifully designed and brand resonant that looking at it makes you want to dig a posthole?" -- S.H.