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Too New To Review
By Matthew Maier


Pentax PocketJet 3

Barely 10 inches long and weighing only a pound, this new printer from Pentax is one of the most compact portables on the market. The specs say it spits out three 8.5-by-11-inch pages per minute and never needs ink, but there's one catch--you'll have to tote thermal paper along too. $349; www.pentaxtech.com.



Launching in the shadow of the Sony PSP and Nintendo DS, this well-rounded gaming device offers Bluetooth, a GPS chip for location-based services, a digital camera, and an Nvidia 3-D graphics engine. $399; www.gizmondo.com.


ElekSen Fabric Keyboard

Tired of playing hunt-and-peck with microscopic buttons? This portable, full-size "qwerty" keyboard may be just the peripheral for you. Constructed of flexible fabric, it folds to the size of a wallet when you're ready to roll; unfolded, it uses a Bluetooth wireless module to communicate with compatible PDAs and smartphones. $100; www.eleksen.com.


Sky Time Watch

Here's a clever, stylish watch that might help you maintain your rhythm as you roam the planet. The stainless-steel Sky Time tracks the hour in four zones and calculates sunrise, sunset, moonrise, and moonset in 500 cities. Its alarms will get you to your morning meetings--no matter where you wake up. $199; www.skytimeonline.com. -- MATTHEW MAIER