Jet Taxis Ready for Takeoff
By Michael V. Copeland

(Business 2.0) – In commercial aviation, small is the next big thing. Making planes for so-called jet taxi services--fleets of small aircraft offering point-to-point rides on a one-off basis--could be a $2 billion business by 2010, says aviation consultant Michael Boyd. Further proof of the market's potential will come at the Paris Air Show June 13-19, when, according to industry scuttlebutt, fast-rising Brazilian manufacturer Embraer will unveil plans to build eight- to 10-seat planes aimed at the budding industry. Adam Aircraft, Cessna, and Eclipse Aviation are already at work on similar craft, with taxi startups like Pogo Jet and DayJet planning to take delivery as early as next year. Embraer's entry could add yet more momentum to the nascent market.