Guard Dogs Go High-Tec
By Tania Hershman

(Business 2.0) – That oldest of security systems, the guard dog, is still one of the best--but only if you hear it barking. So Israeli startup Bio-Sense Technologies has developed a dog collar fitted with sensors that monitor a canine for signs that something's amiss, like frenzied pacing and a racing heartbeat. By analyzing hundreds of barks, says CEO Eyal Zehavi, the company can tell routine woofs from aggressive ones. If a dog yaps at a squirrel, the Dog Bio-Security System ignores it. But if it's snarling at an intruder, the sensors send an alert to a cell phone, e-mail address, or command center. In early tests at an Israeli prison, Bio-Sense detected 93 percent of suspicious activity during simulated escapes, compared with 30 to 40 percent otherwise.

Beersheba-based Bio-Sense was founded in 2003 by three veterans of the Israel Defense Force. After getting $500,000 in funding from the Office of the Israeli Chief Scientist and Ma'ayan Technology Ventures, co-founder Zehavi is now looking for distributors to sell the system commercially to high-security institutions like prisons and power plants. In five years, Zehavi says, the market for Bio-Sense products could be worth $100 million. Up next: a device that analyzes dog behavior to predict earthquakes and other natural disasters. -- TANIA HERSHMAN