Chanting The Corporate Mantra
By Susanna Hamner

(Business 2.0) – Considering a fourth cappuccino to get you through the day? Take it from some folks who know all about caffeine-fueled productivity: Meditation can do the work of a whole lot of java. Without the slightest nod to the inherent irony, dozens of employees at Green Mountain Coffee Roasters in Waterbury, Vt., file into a soundproof space at company headquarters each week and sit perfectly still while being led in relaxation, visualization, and breathing exercises. The idea struck CEO Robert Stiller, who has been meditating since the 1970s, about two years ago when he realized that his 400 employees might produce better work if they occasionally did absolutely nothing. "Your best thoughts often come when you're in a relaxed state, like in the shower," Stiller says. "Meditation provides the space for that to happen." Now he gets word that attendees often talk about having more energy and focus; one worker, a picture of zenlike efficiency, even ditched his watch. Nonetheless, a fresh-brewed cup of any of 30 Green Mountain blends is always available--just in case the guru is out. --SUSANNA HAMNER