Keeping Track of Bad Drivers
By Tania Hershman

(Business 2.0) – Worried that the folks behind the wheels of your company-owned cars might be driving them like Dale Earnhardt Jr. at Daytona? DriveDiagnostics wants to help you find out. The Israeli startup has invented a black-box device, called the SafetyCenter, that sits on the dashboard and tracks every screeching halt, sharp turn, and sudden lane change. As accelerometers measure various forces on the car, the SafetyCenter analyzes the data to identify 120 different vehicle maneuvers and determine what a driver is doing wrong. The information is transmitted via wireless modem to DriveDiagnostics headquarters, where it's used to create driver profiles and offer guidelines for improvement. That helps clients reduce fender benders and cut fuel costs by 10 to 15 percent.

DriveDiagnostics has secured several customers, including FedEx Israel and Velo, a United Kingdom-based corporate-vehicle outsourcing company. It's also in talks with U.S. companies and hopes to eventually sell the SafetyCenter to insurance firms, enabling them to offer discounts to good drivers. Companies, start your engines. --TANIA HERSHMAN