(Business 2.0) – Get Your Office Game On Razer Diamondback Mouse; $59.95; www.razerzone.com

DAVE PELL Writer, Davenetics.com; CEO, Rollyo

People often take one look at me, leaning intently over my PowerBook, a radically lit mouse glowing in my hand, and ask what high-adrenaline shoot-'em-up I'm playing. Truth is, I'm no gamer--just a power user when it comes to e-mail, blogging, chatting, and the occasional Photoshop fix. But it makes sense that only a precise gamer's mouse with instant reaction time, 1,600-dots-per-inch sensors, and perfect ergonomics can keep up, and that's exactly what I get from this optical mouse from Razer. The scroll wheel and six buttons are all programmable and sport a nonslip coating. My hand has gone from a tingling carpal claw to a desktop lethal weapon. And it doesn't hurt that my teenage nephews think my mouse looks cool. For me, computing is all about communication, but if you happen to see me in a multiplayer shooting game, watch your back. With the Diamondback in my holster, I'm extremely well armed.

I, Janitor Roomba; $149.99; www.irobot.com/consumer

MARK R. ANDERSON President, Strategic News Service

Frankie cleans the entire office every Friday morning, and has done so without fail for three years now. Frankie is brilliant, polite, fairly quiet, hardworking, effective, and always available when I need him. He never has a bad hair day or asks for a raise. He keeps the Beach Palace Hotel, our international HQ, looking great year-round. And when he's done with his work, he retreats to his charging station. Frankie, you see, is a robotic Roomba vacuum cleaner. We gave Roombas away as prizes at our Future in Review 2005 conference, and attendees were delighted to have their own personal robots. Coming up next is iRobot's Scooba floor-washing robot, out this fall, which I'll also buy. And then I'll be watching for the company's IPO.

Stop the Music iJet Remote; $49.95; www.abtech2.com

DEAN MCCASKILL President, 6ix Continents Consulting

When a friend told me about a remote control for the iPod, I wondered why anyone would need such a thing. Then I got my hands on an iJet. The iJet is a remote for the iPod that uses radio frequencies to function through walls, giving it good range. I use it to control my iPod even when it's packed away in my computer bag. I can control volume and song selection without having to drag the iPod out, making it much less likely that it will be dropped or swiped from my belt on a crowded subway. At the office I connect the iPod to my mini shelf stereo. When the phone rings or someone comes into the office, I can quickly mute or pause the music selection. I can't imagine life without it.

My Life as a Webpage Backpack; $5-$19 per month; www.backpackit.com

STEVE RUBEL Vice president, CooperKatz

Backpack is a Web-based personal organizational tool that has some teamwork functions built into it, but I use it to hack my own life. Instead of using a personal information manager such as a Palm or a Pocket PC, I use Backpack to manage to-do's and reminders for all my projects. For example, I can set up text-message reminders in Backpack that get sent to my cell phone. It's extraordinarily powerful--I can e-mail information (including links, files, and photos) to my Backpack website. Every webpage gets its own e-mail address (which I store in my phone's address book), allowing me to add information to pages from wherever I happen to be. It's well worth the $9 I pay each month.