Too New to Review
By Anders Lotsson

(Business 2.0) – SOUNDS AND SILENCE Nokia HS-12W Headset

The stainless-steel-covered display of this wireless headset will show not only who's calling but also what's playing. Listen to the built-in FM radio or beam MP3 music to it from any phone--not just a Nokia--using Bluetooth. When your phone rings, the music pauses, then resumes after you disconnect. $159;

ANALOG RULES Tivoli Audio Music System

The late hi-fi legend Henry Kloss poured a lifetime of music expertise into Tivoli's radios. If you prefer nuances to boom, you should be awed by the sounds coming from this little wooden box, which you can tweak with manual controls or presets. The all-in-one system is an ideal size for your desk but packs a radio, a CD player, and speakers. $450;


If you can live without a color display in your GPS device, consider the new StreetPilot i2. It's the most affordable of Garmin's handheld navigators, but it still has everything you're likely to need, including a memory card you can load with points of interest. When you make a wrong turn, it speaks up with new directions. $299;

ZEISS OF LIFE Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-T5

The newest ultrathin digital camera from Sony looks so good that you might overlook the serious Zeiss optics behind its sliding cover. The DSC-T5 has a sleek, rounded design; a lens cover that slides down rather than to the side; and a range of available colors. Sony promises that the battery has enough juice to take 240 pictures. Even better, beta testers say the trigger is fast--a common failure among digital cameras. $349.95; -- ANDERS LOTSSON