Unarrested Development
Which places will mint millionaires faster than others? The next generation of edge cities, each primed for hypergrowth.

(Business 2.0) – CASCADIA BEAVERTON, OR It is home to Nike's headquarters, and Intel employs 12,000 people in the county. A light-rail train that went online in the late 1990s is driving development, which has been growing at a rate of $100 million per year.

NORCAL VACAVILLE, CA The name means "cow town," and for years it fit perfectly. Today it's an affordable exurb for commuters working in either San Francisco or Sacramento, with an anchor tenant--$5 billion Genentech--stoking growth.

SOUTHLAND VICTORVILLE, CA As Los Angeles grows, development is creeping north of the San Bernardino Mountains. Home construction is on fire in once-sleepy Victorville. Four Wal-Mart Supercenters are coming to the area.

VALLEY OF THE SUN BUCKEYE, AZ Today it has fewer than 15,000 residents and sits in empty desert. But a handful of mega-development projects will transform Buckeye into a more populous city than Phoenix by the end of the next decade.

I-35 CORRIDOR MCKINNEY AND FRISCO, TX These towns north of Dallas were little more than I-35 interchanges a few years ago, but now they're capturing the investment dollars that used to go to nearby Plano--the edge city of the 1990s telecom boom.

GULF COAST BELT SUGAR LAND, TX Katrina, Rita, and fears of global warming are beginning to scare developers further inland. Sugar Land has mammoth subdivisions; quick-buck flippers leaving Vegas for Phoenix and Dallas are likely to pounce here next.

GREAT LAKES HORSESHOE CHANNAHON, IL Instant cities will be popping up at interchanges near Joliet on I-55, the freeway that connects Chicago to Springfield and St. Louis. Channahon's population and job growth will roughly triple by 2030.

ATLANTIC SEABOARD MOOREFIELD STATION, VA Plans are under way to transform this vacant farmland west of Dulles Airport into a city with 10 million square feet of commercial space and 40,000 residents and workers. A Dulles Corridor commuter rail line will arrive by 2012.

I-85 CORRIDOR MARIETTA, GA During the Civil War, Marietta lay in the path of Sherman's march. Today it lies in the path of Atlanta's steamroller growth, which will maintain a northward thrust away from the city's poorer southern half.

SOUTHERN FLORIDA PALM COAST, FL A ghost town until the 1980s, Palm Coast now ranks as the fastest-growing small city in the country; the area's population has doubled in five years. Developers plan to cash in with new gated communities, malls, and a $250 million golf course and resort.