Spot Runner
By Michael V. Copeland

(Business 2.0) - Forget fliers and phone books: Los Angeles-based Spot Runner thinks TV is the best advertising medium for laundromats, restaurants, and even high school bake sales.

Spot Runner, which plans to unveil its service by early February, is the new startup from the founders of Firefly Network and PeoplePC. This time around, they've created TV-commercial templates that any small business can buy for $500 and customize online with its name, logo, and other details. By negotiating airtime deals in thousands of micromarkets, Spot Runner can charge as little as $7 to run a 30-second, non-prime-time spot that reaches everyone watching the USA Network in Evanston, Ill., or $34 for prime time. The website even suggests time slots and channels most likely to reach your customers--assuming they'll sit through a generic ad with your logo pasted in.

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