Too New to Review
The newest tools for your toolkit.
by Matthew Maier

(Business 2.0) - A Better Mousetrap

MoGo Bluetooth Mouse

Say goodbye to that knuckle-busting nub that passes for a pointer on many laptops. No bigger than a business card, MoGo's travel mouse slides into your laptop's PC card slot for convenient storage and recharging. It should fully juice up within minutes, while the wireless Bluetooth connection will keep you pointed in the right direction. $70;


Seiko Spectrum E-Ink Watch In the future, ocular implants may help us keep track of time. Until then, Seiko's Spectrum watch is almost as unobtrusive. Flexible but not flimsy, this limited-edition timepiece uses electronic ink technology to deliver a high-contrast electrophoretic display that doesn't need a battery-sucking backlight. Plus, the ultrathin design should conform easily to any wrist. $2,200;

Sharp Shooter

Samsung SC-MS25 Digital Camera This is the first digicam from Samsung that might actually be described as attractive. But apart from looking good, it'll also snap 6-megapixel pictures, play MP3 music, and moonlight as a webcam with MPEG-4-quality video and audio recording. The 512 megabytes of built-in storage should hold several months' worth of snapshots. $500;

Blue Notes

Saitek A-250 Wireless 2.1 Speaker Here's an idea that's long overdue: wireless speakers for the desktop or bookshelf. The A-250 uses Bluetooth to stream music directly from your PC or MP3 player, with power supplied by an AC adapter or four AA batteries. Saitek promises that this tidy little setup, with its twin speakers and tiny subwoofer, will deliver a surprisingly strong sound. $130; Top of page

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