The business tools you can't work without

(Business 2.0) – Rest Easier

Tempur-Pedic Eye Mask; $35; www.brookstone.com


This eye mask saved me on a recent international flight in coach. Made of a high-tech fabric originally developed for astronauts, it conforms to your face, while a secure Velcro strap holds it close to block out all light. Even if I'm not sleeping, this mask puts me in a near-comatose state that makes the hours pass more quickly. I wouldn't think of flying without it.

Muji Travel Pillow; $14; www.momastore.org

SARAH ENDLINE Founder, SweetRiot

I've tried all kinds of travel pillows, and they're forever deflating, getting stained, or making my neck sore. Then I found Muji's pillow. On a recent cross-country trip, my head didn't sink midflight and I was relaxed and ache-free when I landed. The pillow itself is protected by a soft cotton pillowcase that can easily be removed for cleaning. And since it's inflatable, I can cram it into my carry-on without a problem.

Steady Connection

Plantronics Voyager System 510SL; $380; www.plantronics.com


During a recent business trip to Barcelona, my wireless Voyager System headset left my hands free to carry bags and show ID--without getting tangled up in cords. At home it's eliminated the hassle of switching headsets to take calls on my landline or cell, because the Voyager is smart enough to know which device is ringing and route the call accordingly. It comes with a base station that works with my desk phone and any Bluetooth-enabled device--whether it's a PDA, cell phone, or laptop--within a range of about 30 feet. The Voyager is also light, weighing about half an ounce, and comfortable enough to wear for long periods. The sound quality is great, and with 100 hours of standby time and six hours of talk, the rechargeable battery lasts all day.

Handled With Care

Samsonite Pro-DLX Large Laptop Backpack; $180; www.samsonite.com

AMBER MACARTHUR Co-host and co-producer, G4TechTV's Call for Help

Whether I'm traveling across the country or headed down to my neighborhood coffee shop, I never leave home without my laptop. But lugging it around in a messenger bag gives me neck strain. Enter the Pro-DLX backpack. Its two-strap design is more comfortable for long hauls, and the bag's padded compartments easily hold my laptop and accessories. It's made of heavy-duty nylon, and unlike most messenger bags, it looks professional enough to bring on business trips.

Hear the News

AudibleAir Wall Street Journal subscription; $70 per year; www.audible.com

ROBERT DROST Principal investigator, Sun Microsystems

I'm a news junkie, but I don't always have the time or motivation to hunt down my favorite newspapers on the road. Now, with my smartphone and an Audible.com subscription, I get my fix on the go. Every night while I'm asleep, my Treo 650 automatically downloads "The Morning Read From the Wall Street Journal," a 50-minute audio synopsis of that day's paper. Any advanced handheld device with Web access will work, and there's no user interaction required. When I wake up, it's ready to go. I can then listen to the synopsis on my headphones when I'm walking through the airport or waiting in line for coffee. It's the perfect way to get my daily dose of news.