Our Picks For ...
Ultracompact Digital Cameras
By Todd Lappin

(Business 2.0) – KODAK V570 [3]

$400; www.kodak.com

PROS It looks gorgeous, and it automatically and seamlessly switches between its regular and ultrawide-angle lenses.

CONS The chassis is relatively bulky, the tiny buttons are hard to manipulate, and the oversize docking cradle works only with Kodak software.

BUY THIS ONE IF ... You love big panoramas. The wide-angle lens captures scenes other cameras just can't.


$350; www.exilim.com

PROS A breeze to handle, this mini camera has a clever, simple-to-use screen interface, plus antishake technology to help capture sharper low-light shots.

CONS The design is ho-hum, and the 2.2-inch LCD screen seems puny.

BUY THIS ONE IF ... You want a camera to carry in your pocket all day. It's the thinnest and lightest of the bunch.



$400; www.powershot.com

PROS Feels great in your hands, with zoom and shutter buttons that are easy to find and control. At 3 inches, the rear viewscreen is huge.

CONS The screen interface is clunky, and the number of preset shooting modes is limited.

BUY THIS ONE IF ... Simplicity is your top priority. Picture taking is intuitive, and most photos turn out great in auto mode.