The Business Traveler's MacGyver Kit
It's cheap, compact, and filled with everything you need when things go wrong on the road. Pack it up, put it in your suitcase, and forget about it--until disaster strikes.
By Todd Lappin

(Business 2.0) –

JEWELER'S SCREWDRIVERS For emergency repairs on eyeglasses and electronic gadgets. Must be smaller than 7 inches to be taken on the plane.

$30 PREPAID CALLING CARD Lets you stay in touch when cell phones fail or go missing.

512MB USB FLASH MEMORY FOB Essential for backing up critical files or exchanging data between computers when no network is available.

FOAM EARPLUGS Ensure a good night's sleep in a noisy hotel room.

1-INCH SURGICAL TAPE Rugged and durable but easier to remove than duct tape. In a pinch, you can write on it to leave can't-miss messages on doors, desks, or car windows.

LED KEY LIGHT Handy for rooting through dark suitcases or closets. Can also be used as an unobtrusive reading lamp.

PLASTIC ZIP TIES These durable straps are virtually unbreakable and can be used to bind two items together, replace broken zipper pulls, temporarily "lock" stored luggage, or create sturdy bag tags.

SMALL CARABINER Works great as a temporary key chain or to ensure that valuables like cameras and USB fobs remain securely in place.

UNIVERSAL SINK STOPPER The plugs in hotel sinks often leak, which is maddening when you're trying to shave or spot-wash dirty clothes.

CHILD'S SCISSORS Useful for clipping newspaper articles or loose clothing threads; short, blunt-tip scissors are airport-safe.

SHARPIE TWIN-TIP MARKER Famous for its ability to write on any surface. The fat tip makes a bold, waterproof statement, while the thin tip is handy for address labels, file folders, or luggage tags.

SAFETY PINS Vital for quick repairs when suit buttons fall off or hems unravel.

LARGE ZIP-LOCK BAGS Worry-free storage for smelly or wet items.