Our Picks For ... Smartphones
By Om Malik

(Business 2.0) – NOKIA 9300 COMMUNICATOR $460; www.nokia.com 3 stars

Pros The clever flip design hides a spacious keyboard and an extra-wide screen. Shortcut keys to applications make it easy to work for extended periods of time.

Cons Battery life is short, the screen is dim, and it doesn't fit comfortably in a pocket.

Buy this one if ... You take a lot of short trips and want to leave your laptop behind.

MOTOROLA Q $420; www.motorola.com 3½ stars

Pros The high-speed EVDO network connection makes Web surfing and e-mailing a breeze, while phone calls come through crystal-clear. The screen is big and bright, and a side scroll wheel simplifies navigation.

Cons The exterior feels cheap, the Windows Mobile operating system is buggy, and the photo quality doesn't impress.

Buy this one if ... You crave a handheld that's slim, stylish, and speedy.


PALM TREO 700P $620-$650; www.palm.com 4 stars

Pros The latest Palm-based Treo has overcome the drawbacks of earlier models: It's less bulky and has an improved keyboard and better battery life. The clever interface remains the same--which means the Treo remains the best of breed.

Cons The sound quality on calls is poor, and the Blazer browser is not as good as Opera Mobile, the gold standard for phone-based surfing.

Buy this one if ... You're loyal to the Palm OS and want a stable device that handles e-mail every bit as well as a BlackBerry.