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Travel Watches
By Christian Cantrell

(Business 2.0) – TISSOT NAVIGATOR 3000 $595; www.tissot.ch 3 stars

Pros With this cool touchscreen technology, you just tap the sapphire crystal to navigate modes. You can also track five time zones from a selection of 150 cities and countries.

Cons The unusually thick case won't slide easily under a shirt cuff, while the complex interface takes time to master.

Buy this one if ... You need to keep track of multiple time zones and aren't bothered by the requisite learning curve.

CASIO PATHFINDER PAW1200 $300; www.casio.com 3 stars

Pros This solar-powered watch calibrates with atomic clocks in the United States, England, Germany, and Japan, while built-in sensors run a compass, barometer, altimeter, and thermometer.

Cons It's big, geeky, and better suited to backpackers than road warriors.

Buy this one if ... Your work attire tends to be casual and/or you travel for pleasure as often as you do for business.

OUR FAVORITE SEIKO SPORTURA SNJ007 $595; www.seikousa.com 4 stars

Pros Simply press two buttons to check the hour in any of 28 cities. If you need to know when it's 11 a.m. in a faraway location, you don't have to keep doing the math: A built-in alarm will alert you when the distant clock strikes. And this watch is easy to find at most mall jewelry stores.

Cons It's not made for noodle arms: The long case overshoots most narrow wrists.

Buy this one if ... You want a travel watch with the right balance of aesthetics, functionality, and affordability.