Taming Turnover
By Michael Fitzhugh, Business 2.0 Magazine

(Business 2.0 Magazine) -- Revving tanks and ATVs through muddy fields doesn't sound like your typical day on the job. But British staffing firm Stopgap isn't your typical company.

Twice a year, Stopgap takes its 95 U.K. employees on unconventional outings, such as rappelling in Switzerland or making sci-fi movies in the London suburbs. Employees never know what's in store, and the firm tries to outdo itself each time.



Because company picnics just aren't memorable, says co-founder Claire Owen. But her philosophy is about more than fun and games. Stopgap trumps its rivals with benefits that include an annual well-being allowance and payroll processing for nannies.

The payoff:

Stopgap's turnover, at 9 percent a year, is well below the U.K. average. In her job, Owen has seen how costly employee exits can be. "I wouldn't ever want to put my staff through that," she says.


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