How to Clean Up
Saheli S.R. Datta, Business 2.0 Magazine writer-reporter

(Business 2.0) -- Here's a cost savings you probably never knew you could make: Cut the H2O out of the cleaning fluid you order. That's the idea behind Jaws, or Just Add Water System, a subsidiary of Toledo, Ohio, manufacturing firm Canberra. Reusable spray bottles are shipped with cartridges of liquid cleanser, which customers mix themselves at the tap. Jaws squeezes 200 cartridges into a box that would hold only 12 regular bottles--and ships it at half the weight. It's just a wholesale operation for now (clients include hotel chains and other companies with big cleaning bills, like DaimlerChrysler), but Jaws has already done $11 million in sales since it launched three years ago.  Top of page

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