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How to Get Ahead in Advertising
Theodore Kinni, Business 2.0 Magazine

(Business 2.0) -- For advice on fostering creativity, you could do worse than asking Pat Fallon and Fred Senn, co-founders of award-winning ad agency Fallon Worldwide. In their new book, Juicing the Orange, they explain how marketers can "outsmart rather than outspend their competitors." The book's oft-repeated message is that "the big idea" for a profitable ad campaign rarely appears until a creative team has immersed itself in a business. Using Fallon case studies, the authors lay out a set of useful principles for juicing the orange without draining the wallet.

ALWAYS START FROM SCRATCH. When Purina Dog Chow wanted to abandon the standard "bouncing golden retriever" imagery, Fallon unearthed research showing that a varied diet can promote finicky eating in dogs. The educational campaign turned a commodity's slipping sales into double-digit growth.

DISCOVER A PROPRIETARY EMOTION. Fallon's Holiday Inn Express ads tapped into the pride that road warriors get from making smart travel choices. In one, a man defends a woman from a grizzly bear, and tourists ask if he's a park ranger. The tagline: "No, but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night."

LISTEN CLOSELY TO YOUR CUSTOMERS. For Citibank, Fallon identified an emotional truth--there's more to life than money--and researched ways to make it resonate. The "Live Richly" campaign drove a 50 percent increase in consumers' predisposition to use Citibank's services in just eight weeks.  Top of page

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