Our Picks For ... Handheld GPS Devices
Christian Cantrell, Business 2.0 Magazine

(Business 2.0) -- MAGELLAN EXPLORIST XL $400; www.magellangps.com [3 stars]

Pros The screen is the biggest, brightest, and sharpest of the bunch. Among the user-friendly controls is a unique escape button that allows you to back out of selections (like a Web browser) instead of having to quit and start over. And the reception is surprisingly good, given that the antenna is internal.

Cons With its four batteries and larger screen, the eXplorist is bigger and heavier than the rest.

Buy this one if ... You're willing to sacrifice the virtue of portability for the benefit of premium readability.


$450-$550; www.pharosgps.com [3 stars]

Pros The perfect mashup, this navigator doubles as a VOIP phone. Its unique combination of features includes voice-prompted directions, Windows Mobile, built-in Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi for making calls or surfing the Net.

Cons The Pharos is neither waterproof nor shock-resistant.

Buy this one if ... You're looking for a lightweight GPS device that also helps you work while on the road.



$480; www.garmin.com [4 stars]

Pros Fans of the popular 60C will be blown away by the next-generation 60Cx. It has outstanding satellite reception, thanks to an extended antenna. The highly durable, waterproof case also fits neatly in the palm of your hand, while the buttons are configured to work equally well for righties and lefties.

Cons The software isn't entirely intuitive, and the device doesn't work as well in cars as the others without its optional mount ($12).

Buy this one if ... Versatility is important to you. The 60Cx works great in the city, on hiking trails, and even at sea.  Top of page

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