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Ergonomic Keyboards

By Saheli S.R. Datta, Business 2.0 Magazine writer-reporter

CKS COMFORT $300; www.comfortkeyboard.com

Stars: ***

Pros It's divided into three sections that can be tilted or rotated to accommodate different wrist strengths and pains.

Cons Setup is a hassle, and finding the right configuration for your wrists takes time and plenty of patience.

Buy this one if ... You want the best fit you can get, and you have the temperament to figure out the right settings.

KINESIS ADVANTAGE PRO $360; www.kinesis-ergo.com

Stars: ***

Pros The flat base holds your palms and wrists level, so your fingers do all the bending. The super-clicky keys minimize wrist-pounding impact.

Cons It takes a little practice to get accustomed to the funky design.

Buy this one if ... You prefer a small, portable keyboard that requires little or no setup.


ADESSO TRU-FORM MEDIA $40; www.adesso.com

Stars: ****

Pros This standard ergonomic keyboard has split, angled sections and a soft, natural curve.

Cons The one-size-fits-all layout isn't ideal for those who suffer from extreme wrist discomfort.

Buy this one if ... Your wrists are basically fine, but you want an inexpensive, hassle-free way to keep them that way.  Top of page

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