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Table of Contents:VOL. 8, NO. 3 - April 2007
Bottom-Line Design AwardsBeauty is more than skin-deep. The winners of our annual design competition are also versatile, elegant, eco-friendly, and--most important--successful. (more)
Air taxis on the runwayHow two aging computer geeks are setting out to reinvent business travel--and not a moment too soon. (more)
Live rich, retire richerIt just may be possible to have it all. Our investment guide shows you how to live large now and bankroll your future. (more)
The giants of the $2 billion stock photo business--Getty Images and Corbis--are being challenged by a flock of tiny 'microstock' agencies. And it's become a game that anyone can play. (more)
Andrew Conru didn't aspire to be a sex industry mogul. But his $200 million empire attests to the old adage: If you can't beat 'em, join 'em. (more)
Wire-free recharging from power broadcast through the air. (more)
Peer-to-peer networks go legit with pop-up ads embedded in MP3s. (more)
Surfers sign up to be spied upon--and sell their clickstreams. (more)
Video glasses, now in a new, way less dorky variety. (more)
Coming soon to your cell: Live TV from CBS, ESPN, Fox, and others. (more)
Why everyone is suddenly trying to sell with smell. (more)
A new way to put employees' camera phones to work. (more)
The (irrationally?) exuberant market for virtual real estate. (more)
Replacing passwords with a program that reads your mind. (more)
The green-roof craze starts climbing the walls. (more)
Time to play, money to spendWebkinz and Club Penguin have captivated the "tween" set--and have a lot to teach grownup websites about making visitors stick around. (more)
When medical centers work like well-run hotels, the outcome benefits patients, staff, and the bottom line. (more)
LibraryThing is reinventing the reading group by offering bibliophiles a peek at everyone else's bookshelves. (more)
New podcast services let you listen to your meetings when and where you want. (more)
Shrewd marketing and free Web tools put JetPens in the black. (more)
Sending your staff out to carouse in Vegas sounds like a bad idea. But Organic thinks it's the perfect place for marketers to find "sinspiration." (more)
Stuck in a strange city with time to kill? Take one of our quickie tours to see the highlights of town in three hours or less. (more)
Our readers' picks for the smartest power strip, the handiest note taker, the toughest cell phone, and the quickest espresso maker. (more)
As digicams break the 10-megapixel barrier, here's how to choose the one you'll click with. (more)
Cisco cashes in on the YouTube craze, a sleeping-pill ad proves too smart for its own good, Campbell's new low-sodium soups lead to well-seasoned profit margins, and more. (more)
Webified mini-apps have taken the blog world by storm. Now new versions are getting ready to launch on corporate desktops. (more)
Small players are squeezing big money out of websites that tap into the latest news, trends, and search fads. (more)
Companies that understand the link between workplace design and productivity can make dramatic upgrades on the cheap. (more)
Joie de Vivre's Chip Conley is building a hotel empire by rethinking how rooms are designed, marketed, and sold. (more)
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It just may be possible to have it all. Business 2.0's guide shows you how to live large now - and bankroll your future. |more|