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iPhone war: more than just a name 2:18pm: The court fight that erupted this week between Apple and Cisco is no ordinary trademark dispute. It's one battle in a long war over the future of phone calls. (more)
Dec 15: Microsoft wants a bigger piece of Oracle and IBM's database business, but an oversight in its new operating system could cost the company plenty. (more)
Nov 16: Employees aren't just using Gmail or Hotmail to goof off on the company dime anymore. Increasingly, they're using webmail services to do their jobs. (more)
Nov 9: Doesn't matter. Microsoft still rules. Here's a better question: Why isn't Linux living up to its promise? (more)
Oct 19: AT&T's $81 billion BellSouth deal is all about wireless. When it happens, the world of big-business telecom sales will never be the same. (more)
Oct 6: At long last, Sun is embracing JavaScript, the technology that's driving Web 2.0. Too bad it took the company so long to realize its mistake. (more)
Sep 22: Faced with ever-dwindling long-distance fees, Ma Bell is calling on its $300 million acquisition of software company USi to help dial into new revenue streams. (more)
Sep 8: A day late and a dollar short, the software giant's new Vista operating system won't have anyone standing on line to buy the first copy. (more)
Aug 24: IBM's $1.3 billion acquisition of ISS doesn't just give it a security offering - it spells out a model for how the tech conglomerate's disparate units can work together. (more)
Aug 10: As cell phones get smarter, they also become a target for malicious code. Here's how to protect yourself. (more)
Jul 27: For his next move, HP CEO Mark Hurd needs to land a bigger fish. (more)
Jul 13: When it comes to selling VOIP and broadband, there's no place like stores, the ISP says (more)
Jun 29: Another prominent Google-fighter leaves Redmond. This one concludes: If you can't beat 'em, join 'em. (more)
Jun 15: With Gates stepping down from his day-to-day role, there are reasons his long-time partner should head out the door. (more)
Jun 1: The troubled software maker is again staking its hopes on open source to rev up sagging sales. (more)
May 19: The middleware seller is out in front again, thanks to well-timed new products that offer new ways to build software. (more)
May 5: Kodak needs to find a future beyond film. SanDisk needs to sell more memory chips. Together, they could make a pretty picture. (more)
Apr 20: With dial-up dying and broadband subscriptions stagnant, EarthLink must build its own networks to survive. (more)
Apr 6: Oracle is duking it out with IBM for database market share, but Linux put Oracle over the top this year. (more)
Mar 23: Ten years after the PalmPilot appeared on store shelves, Palm is still pioneering new categories of electronic gadgets -- and battling tough rivals in the smartphone market. (more)
Mar 9: After spending billions of dollars, why hasn't Intel pulled the plug on Itanium yet? (more)
Feb 23: Silicon Valley startups have a strange aversion to meeting customers. Age-old business wisdom from UPS could help them break this bad habit. (more)
Feb 9: The database giant is shedding nearly 2,000 jobs - but so what? Google, Yahoo, and other Silicon Valley outfits could hire that many people in a day. (more)
Jan 26: The long-building rivalry between the two software sellers heats up in a brutal fight for software-maintenance dollars. (more)