By - Patricia A. Langan

(FORTUNE Magazine) – Looking to get away from it all? Club Med plans something for the exotic vacation crowd -- a ''village'' that floats. Billing it as the world's largest sailboat, the hotel chain has a $100 million, 610-foot, five-masted schooner under construction in Le Havre. Club Med 1 (a contest to name it will come later) has six decks of Burmese teak, two swimming pools, three restaurants, a fitness center, and a hair salon. , Most of the 453 passengers will have outside cabins decorated by Alberto Pinto, who did the Gucci offices in Milan. Each will find a private bath and, in a radical break with Club Med tenets, a TV and telephone. So much for ''the antidote for civilization.'' Learning navigation is one of the many sporting options, though a crew of 26 will -- thank God -- run the ship. ''It's a natural extension of our business,'' says Director General Serge Trigano -- not to mention that cruising is the travel industry's fastest- growing segment. Club Med, whose 109 villages took in $1 billion last year, will lease the ship with a French maritime operator, Services et Transports, with an option to buy after seven years. Three French banks, Societe Generale, Banque Nationale de Paris, and Credit Lyonnais, will own it. Summers will find Club Med 1 in the Mediterranean, winters in the Caribbean. A week at sea will cost $1,200 to $1,500, slightly more than land packages. The first cruise is slated for Christmas 1989. Can't wait that long? In honor of its 30th anniversary, Fuji Television, a major network in Japan, is sponsoring the world's longest rail journey -- 12,400 miles -- in September. The Istanbul Orient Express, rolling from Paris to Hong Kong, will cross seven countries in 19 days, with the network collecting footage for a special along the way. The food, served in a 1927 dining car once used by President de Gaulle, will change from French to Russian to Chinese. The train stops for concerts, the Great Wall, and hovercrafting on Lake Baikal. One-way fare: $20,000 per person (not including wine).