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Fortune Small Business
59 top schools for would-be tycoons
As more colleges cater to both budding entrepreneurs and veteran owners, which program is right for you? See the best for:
• MBAs

The new hot major? Becoming a mogul
From undergraduate programs to associate degrees to MBAs, the study of entrepreneurship is on the rise. (more) video
Best schools in your state
California is home to Silicon Valley - as well as many top entrepreneurial schools on FSB's list this year. Find the best colleges for entrepreneurs (including interactive maps) near you. (more)
• Texas

18 top professors
Teaching entrepreneurship is a challenge, given that so much of what makes a business-owner successful - innovation, grit, determination - is beyond the realm of academics. These professors are regarded as leaders in the field by colleagues, students and entrepreneurs. (more)
Is it smart to go to school for entrepreneurship?
9 aspiring tycoons tell FSB how the classes they took affected their ventures. (more)
Would a program in starting or running a business benefit you? Take this test to find out. (more)
We expect you'll have you own ideas about who should - and should not - have made our list. Let us know here. (more)
Everyone wants to start a business The universities that made our list of America's Best Colleges for Entrepreneurs have won other distinctions, for everything from their parties to their weather. (more)
Everyone wants to start a business Last year a record number of Americans started companies. Here's why becoming your own boss has become a national obsession. (more)
How we made our picks
Nearly 3,000 schools now boast classes in entrepreneurship, up tenfold since the mid-1980s, according to the Kauffman Foundation, a Kansas City nonprofit that tracks the topic. With so many choices, finding the right place for you (or for your aspiring child) can be confusing... (more)