Vinyl Revival In a CD, DVD world, the LP has started to spin again.
By Rathe Miller

(FORTUNE Small Business) – Turn, turn, turn. In this season's nostalgia hunt, Gen Xers and their youth-obsessed parents are raiding attics, flea markets, and eBay in search of their favorite moldy oldies. "Albums are your own personal museum," says Syracuse pop historian Robert Thompson. "They bring back the past, just as tea and madeleines inspired Proust's memories." Some LP lovers just want the visuals; you can buy frames made for album covers ($12 apiece) at Restoration Hardware. But for that distinctive sound, get an up-to-date turntable, like Radio Shack's RCA Full Automatic Turntable for $99, or DJ model ($119). Higher fidelity? The fully tricked-out VPI MK I goes for $15,000.

If deejaying is your bag, go with a new-generation turntable like the Numark ProTT2 ($399), rated the hottest in hip-hop by New York deejay DJ Raz. Deejay tables and cartridges are designed for moving the platter back and forth so the needle "scratches" in the groove without damaging your record. Get good at 'playing your table,' and you can 'battle' and 'beat juggle' in DMCs (dance music competitions). Or sign up for "Turntablism" at Boston's Berklee College of Music. 617-266-1400;