A Room With a View A wish list of audio and video equipment to digitize the den or electrify your living room
By Sasha Smith

(FORTUNE Small Business) – Remember when home entertainment amounted to an evening in front of the RCA, a few hands of gin rummy, and a fistful of Jiffy Pop? Times, taste, and technology have changed a lot over the years. With the help of New York City's Innovative Audio Video Showrooms we turned a living room into a digitally enhanced home theater and stocked it with an eclectic collection of the latest in audio and video components and gadgets. We've even added updates of classic audiophile equipment, perfect for enjoying that valuable vinyl collection. And as you can see, we didn't forget the popcorn, either.


1 Couch potatoes will enjoy replanting themselves in BROOKSTONE'S LOUNGER with shiatsu massaging action. $2,995

2 The sleek RIO 800 can play up to 11 hours of MP3 and Windows Media Audio. It's also upgradable for future audio formats. $279

3 Weighing in at 1.4 pounds, the PANASONIC PORTABLE DVD-LV75 has a seven-inch LCD screen and a rechargeable lithium ion battery for up to three hours of intermission-free movie watching. $1,399.95

4 It just wouldn't be the same without popcorn, and Paragon's THRIFTY POP TP-16 lets you enjoy all that salty, buttery goodness in style. $2,000

5 Control Freaks should get a grip on the PHILIPS' PRONTO programmable, touch-screen remote. $399 for the monochrome model, $999 for color

6 Slimmer and sexier than actress Carrie-Anne Moss (pictured), the PIONEER 505 PLASMA TELEVISION boasts 50 diagonal inches of crystal-clear video without taking up valuable living room real estate. $20,000

7 Fill your rec room with a little bit of Industrial Light & Magic: MORDAUNT-SHORT'S DECLARATION SERIES SYSTEM 500 gives you THX-certified tower loudspeakers, a dedicated center-channel, and two dipole surrounds (not pictured). $3,300

8 Insist on keeping those embarrassing home videos? At least show them on PANASONIC'S PV-HD1000 DIGITAL VCR, designed for digital TV formats, including HDTV. $999.95

9 This TiVo-powered PHILIPS PERSONAL VIDEO RECORDER lets you pause and rewind live TV and automatically records up to 60 hours of your favorite shows. $299-$699

10 Obsolescence isn't a concern with MADRIGAL'S PROCEED MODULAR DVD TRANSPORT. Its operating software is easily upgradable, and hardware expansion slots may accommodate future video formats. $5,995

11 McIntosh Laboratories has a cult following among audiophiles because of products like the MR85 AM/FM TUNER, with programmable station titles, fixed and variable outputs. $1,850

12 Are you old school? Vinyl aficionados swear by the LINN'S SONDEK LP12 TURNTABLE, which starts at $3,345 and can reach $10,000, depending on the arm, needle, and power supply.

13 For the indecisive among you, SONY'S CDP-M555ES CD CHANGER accommodates 400 of your favorite discs and has a cross fade-no delay function that ensures seamless transitions from your Britney Spears disc to your classic Bruce Springsteen collection. $700