By Chris Wilford

(FORTUNE Small Business) – Most Americans know about the health benefits of red wine, but recently science has given us another one--a chemical called resveratol. It's found in red grapes grown in cool climates, and researchers think it could help you live longer and aid in preventing cancer. Pinot noir contains more of it than other reds. Here are three worth trying. To health!

BURGUNDY The best pinot noirs in the world come from this region of France, but they can cost $100 a bottle or more. For your daily glass, try Joseph Drouhin's Laforet 2001 ($12). Drouhin is well known and easy to find at most retail stores. The Laforet also comes in half bottles, which you might consider--resveratol tends to dissipate within 24 hours of uncorking.

NEW ZEALAND The country's Marlborough region is known for sauvignon blanc, but lately it has also been turning out some wonderful pinot noirs. One of my favorites is the Highfield Estate 2000 ($28). Winemaker Al Soper produced just 2,000 six-bottle cases, but it's worth hunting for.

OREGON In the past decade, the Willamette Valley has become one of the world's great pinot noir regions. Dick Shea has been there all along, first planting pinot noir grapes in 1988. For years he sold to some of Oregon's most famous wineries before finally producing his own vintages under the Shea Wine Cellars label. His 2001 Pinot Noir Estate ($40) will do your body--and your palate--some good. -- CHRIS WILFORD