Best New Gifts For Dads and Grads From Small Craftsmen
By Daisy Chan

(FORTUNE Small Business) – Germain-Robin Brandy

Hubert Germain-Robin's family had been making cognac in France since 1782. Ansley Coale was a history professor at the University of California at Berkeley. After a chance meeting in 1981, the two started making brandies in Northern California on a par with those of the best European distilleries. The V199 Single Barrel is made from 100% pinot noir, and, like all Germain-Robin brandies, the proof is adjusted with filtered rainwater. It's great for special occasions.; $150 a bottle

Suzanne Felsen Cuff Links

Designer Suzanne Felsen began making gemstone cuff links in 1988, and she now runs a store in Santa Monica, Calif., that also sells women's jewelry. Her cuff links are carried in Barneys, and her latest creations feature your choice of five gemstones, including carnelian (below left) and lapis.; $225 to $325

Daisy Arts Photo Album

Daisy Carlson studied bookbinding during a yearlong apprenticeship in Italy, then brought her craft home. Her signature album, the Daisy Photo, has fine-grained leather outside and acid-free and rice papers inside. It comes in three colors--brown, blue, and black--and eight sizes.; $144 to $550