Table of contents: VOL. 14, NO. 8 - October 1, 2004
These 15 leaders, all MASTER MOTIVATORS, know how to win the race in fair or foul weather. (more)

What Can Small Business Learn From Behemoths Such as Dell, GE, and Southwest? More Than You Might Think. (more)

Don and Hapy Mayer SMALL DOG ELECTRONICS, Waitsfield, Vt. (more)
Brad Nierenberg MOMENTUM MARKETING SERVICES Alexandria, Va. (more)
Diana Pohly POHLY & PARTNERS, Boston (more)
Ron Huston ADVANCED CIRCUITS, Aurora, Colo. (more)
Louis Stanasolovich LEGEND FINANCIAL ADVISORS, Pittsburgh (more)
Tyler Winkler SECUREWORKS, Atlanta (more)
Richard Garfield invented a card game that has earned him millions of dollars, and created a fantasy career for himself. (more)
What's it like to be sued by the company you founded? Ask the man behind Wild Oats Markets. (more)
A travel agency's savvy use of the web has saved its customers millions while boosting its own bottom line. (more)
Can Bob McGraw find the right formula to make 1,000-year-old Chinese remedies popular all around the world? (more)
Omega Plastics, a Michigan maker of industrial prototypes, wants bigger jobs. FSB helps it mold a fresh strategy. (more)
Off Hours
Crafted By Small Businesses (more)
Women are surprisingly rare among chefs and owners of top restaurants. But three splendid startups are bucking the trend. (more)
For one entrepreneur, restoring cars is an art form. (more)
Interest-only loans appeal to entrepreneurs. (more)
Part One

In our poll of entrepreneurs, most like the President's tax cuts and national security record. And few blame him for the rise in health costs and federal deficits. (more)

Want to acquire some useful ideas? Go shopping for companies. (more)

Sometimes inspiring someone at work requires getting him to deal with personal issues. (more)

The Edge
Your predictions can be as good as any economist's—and more fun to make. (more)
Entrepreneurs are finding that creating eco-friendly offices costs a bit more up front but can deliver lasting benefits. |more|
More cities are requiring restaurants to tell customers how much fat is in that burger. Smart business owners are embracing the trend. |more|
At the Bitter End, some of the world's best sailors take amateurs - including many entrepreneurs - on a wild ride. |more|
FSB's makeover squad helps a shoemaking couple chart a growth plan. |more|
Facing a dwindling supply of American tech workers, employers struggle to hire skilled foreigners. |more|