Table of contents: VOL. 15, NO. 2 - March 1, 2005

Postnet International (more)
A master of termite litigation, Pete Cardillo has built a thriving practice by being a pest. (more)
Whole Health's medical clinics help keep companies and their workers healthy. (more)
When syringe inventor Thomas Shaw took on the hospital-supply industry, he won $150 million. So why is his product still shut out? (more)
How one entrepreneur found opportunity in the ashes of an Arizona town. (more)
Other small U.S. manufacturers have joined Under Armour in bucking the outsourcing trend. (more)
Speed and service keep an athletic-apparel maker in the game. (more)
A New York outfit that uses bomb-sniffing dogs to keep workplaces safe is the first and only small business certified by the Department of Homeland Security.What's its secret? (more)
Opening Subway franchises in the People's Republic--home of a billion potential customers--seemed like easy money. Until someone tried it. (more)
A Texas family aims to turn its junk dealership into the next great American lifestyle brand. (more)
Off Hours
from the kitchens of small specialty-food makers (more)
Forget propane stoves and moldy tents. New inn-to-inn hiking trips combine the great outdoors with luxury hotels and fine dining. (more)
An entrepreneur teaches inner-city kids the job skills they don't get anywhere else. (more)
Shoppers say they want fewer complications--just don't limit their choices. (more)
Lexus's new SUV has customers lining up--and it's not even for sale yet. (more)
Part One
Corporate America is slashing in-house R&D and turning to the country's basements, garages, and small companies for innovation. (more)

Kaplan's business has stood the test of time. (more)
I need my dad's advice, but does he have to be around so much? (more)
Ways to keep sane in an entrepreneur's insanely busy world. (more)

Entrepreneurs are finding that creating eco-friendly offices costs a bit more up front but can deliver lasting benefits. |more|
More cities are requiring restaurants to tell customers how much fat is in that burger. Smart business owners are embracing the trend. |more|
At the Bitter End, some of the world's best sailors take amateurs - including many entrepreneurs - on a wild ride. |more|
FSB's makeover squad helps a shoemaking couple chart a growth plan. |more|
Facing a dwindling supply of American tech workers, employers struggle to hire skilled foreigners. |more|