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Table of contents: VOL. 15, NO. 7 - September 1, 2005
Stereotaxis (more)
A maker of kitchen products upgrades its plain blue wrapper. (more)
What brought J2 Global to life? An industry that everybody--well, almost everybody--thinks is dying. (more)
In today's beleaguered U.S. shrimping industry, a family business fights to stay afloat. (more)
After a plane crash killed my fiancé, I trained to help companies deal with tragedy. (more)

A Bay Area taxi company gambles on hybrid cars. (more)
What happens to a small town when its biggest industry starts to disappear? (more)
A surf industry veteran is bringing new manufacturing technology to what was once a handcrafted product. (more)
FSB helps a family-run motorcycle-accessory business shift into high gear. (more)
One year after its makeover, a Michigan plastics manufacturer takes stock. (more)
off hours
Made by small businesses. (more)

A travel entrepreneur now helps impoverished kids. (more)
A digital-photo workshop offers breathtaking scenery by the megapixel. (more)
In reggaeton, Latin beats mix with hip-hop lyrics. (more)
The new Saab SUV offers a silky ride but is essentially just a tricked-out Chevy TrailBlazer. (more)

Can the man who perfected online job hunts build a new career for himself? (more)

I wasn't focused on fighting my overseas rivals--until a big customer defected. (more)
Any regulation can be abusive, annoying, or ridiculous. But for many small businesses, local rules fit better than the federal kind. (more)
Just as every fire has a firefighter who is paid to put it out, someone makes money from every new rule. For these three businesses, "regulation" is just another word for opportunity. (more)

the edge
Why I need someone to come between me and my intermediaries. (more)
Entrepreneurs are finding that creating eco-friendly offices costs a bit more up front but can deliver lasting benefits. |more|
More cities are requiring restaurants to tell customers how much fat is in that burger. Smart business owners are embracing the trend. |more|
At the Bitter End, some of the world's best sailors take amateurs - including many entrepreneurs - on a wild ride. |more|
FSB's makeover squad helps a shoemaking couple chart a growth plan. |more|
Facing a dwindling supply of American tech workers, employers struggle to hire skilled foreigners. |more|