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Old Brand, New Tricks
By Elaine Pofeldt

(FORTUNE Small Business) – Does nostalgia sell? Two high-powered former execs are betting on it. Mike Weinstein and Brian O'Byrne, former CEOs of Snapple Beverage Group and Yoo-hoo/Orangina Beverage, respectively, recently relaunched No-Cal, a pioneer in sugarless soft drinks when it hit the market in 1952. As competition from Tab and other rivals bubbled up in the 1960s, No-Cal sales went flat, and it disappeared from stores--until recently, when the duo, based in Rye, N.Y., relaunched the brand. The taste isn't exactly retro: The old recipe had long faded into obscurity, so they formulated their own flavors--cherry lime, chocolate, clementine, vanilla cream. And the bottle may look retro, but it's vintage 2005. "The idea wasn't about bringing back an old brand," says Weinstein. "It was a way to do a retro soda without having to call it 'diet.' It has a fabulous name for describing exactly what it is."

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