Ice for a price
An ice-sculpting company thrives in humid Houston.
by Brandi Stewart, FSB Magazine

(FORTUNE Small Business Magazine) - Keeping cool in Houston isn't easy, but Don Henley can rely on his artistic talent. Henley, 37, and his wife, Stacey, 36, run Ice Designs, an ice-sculpting company that brought in $500,000 last year.

The Henleys, with the help of a seven-person staff and a computer-aided system that performs the rough preliminary carving, can cut as many as 600 sculptures in a single month - everything from a life-size recreation of Santa's sleigh (complete with reindeer) to a 12-foot-high replica of the Houston Astrodome.

Wielding results with computer-aided ice design.
Wielding results with computer-aided ice design.


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