Kind cuts for a dot-com stylist

An entrepreneur finds a niche by bringing mobile hair salons to Silicon Valley workers.

By Mina Kimes, FSB Magazine

(FSB Magazine) -- Silicon Valley's technology workers may be among the most likely to succeed, but they aren't usually voted best tressed.

Dena Kaufel, the 43-year-old founder of Onsite Haircuts, recognized the root of the problem - "Not everyone wants to take two hours out of his workday to drive to a salon" - and responded.


Kaufel and her staff drive a pair of Winnebagos outfitted as traveling beauty salons, complete with barber chairs, mirrors and sinks, to 11 company parking lots throughout the area.

Customers schedule same-day $18 cuts at, a service created with the help of an engineer who came in for a trim.

With stops at Google (Charts), eBay (Charts), and Yahoo (Charts), Onsite saw revenues increase 800 percent, to about $200,000, this year.

The company also bought a third Winnebago, demonstrating its ability to grow alongside its clients' employers (and their hair).

Would you get a haircut from a mobile salon in your company parking lot? Write a letter to the editors and let us know.


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