Cheese-Steak Feud
By Ian Mount

(FORTUNE Small Business) – WHEN FSB LAST VISITED FRANK Olivieri—who runs Pat's King of Steaks, Philadelphia's legendary cheese-steak stand—he was mired in a decades-long rivalry with Geno's Steaks, a competitor located just across the street ("Sandwich Superheroes," June 2003). But now another turf battle has erupted, this one even closer to home.

In October, Frank sued his cousin Rick Olivieri, the owner of Rick's Steaks and a grandson of the founder of Pat's, for invoking the Pat's brand in promoting his stores. Specifically, Frank objects to Rick's appearance on NBC's Today show in May, during which Rick allegedly drew on Pat's name to promote his store. Frank also charges that his cousin incorporates Pat's history into his in-shop signs and uses a crown logo much like Pat's. "I don't claim to be part of Pat's Steaks," Rick counters. "I merely state that I'm the grandson of Pat Olivieri. There's plenty of business to go around for everybody."