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Control the cloud 10:57am: Frustrated with off-site data hosting? Try virtualization. More
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May 4: A small firm muscles in on the electricity metering business. More
May 1: Ask this small gadget shop, which specializes in going where Apple won't. More
Apr 2: Web registry Telnic is betting that one online phone book can rule them all. More
Feb 16: A Silicon Valley startup launches a major mobile hit. More
Feb 13: New SEC rules are a boon to one document-delivery company. More
Feb 4: Cloud computing can provide all the processing power your company needs for little money, but be ready for rough weather. More
Jan 27: Want to get ahead in the bandage business? Just add voltage. More
Jan 21: Web media startup TurnHere churns out 1,000 corporate videos every month. That might just be the future of Web advertising. More
Nov 25: A host of online services can help business owners save money, make fewer mistakes and concentrate on more important stuff. More
Oct 31: A medical-translation company figures out how to make online video pay - after a decade of trying different systems. More
Oct 3: Installing online cameras helped one restaurant owner boost profits by 40%. More
Sep 17: Switching to a 'click here to book' system helped this spa grow its client base by 400%. More
Jul 29: Employee-evaluation software can help you reward stars and lose deadbeats. More
May 20: Travel website Kayak.com uses a do-it-yourself online database to help keep millions of users happy, without employing a single customer-service representative. More
Apr 30: How a Minneapolis scrapyard got wired and sent sales through the roof. More
Apr 14: How one manufacturer drove sales up 500% - by putting its CEO on YouTube. More
Mar 12: Mobile software helps track equipment, accounts - and employee lunch breaks. More
Feb 12: It's not just for online encyclopedias: smart business owners use the new wiki software to encourage collaboration and save money. More
Jan 3: A simple new means of protecting small-business computers has been designed so even a technophobe can install it. More
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Mar 22: New online services can help you find freelancers for less. More

QMy dream is to launch my own business someday. Now that it's time to choose a major, I'm debating if I should major in entrepreneurial studies or major in engineering to acquire a set of skills first. Is majoring in entrepreneurship a good choice? More
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