Hot Stuff New trend in gardening Digging a pond of your own
By Lesley Alderman

(MONEY Magazine) – Landscaped backyard ponds are bubbling up. More than 8 million households bought water-garden supplies in 1992, according to a National Garden Association/Gallup survey, almost double the 4.6 million households of 1989. Typical 150-square-foot pools stocked with water lilies, cattails, a dozen Japanese goldfish (koi), 50 snails and a few frogs cost about $750. Higher- priced pond kits can be found at garden centers or mail-ordered from, for example, Lilypons (800-723-7667 for a catalogue): A $999 kit includes pump, ) filter, 100 snails, two pounds of fish food and 28 assorted fish for a 70- to 120-square-foot pool; add about $100 for the liner. Homeowner interest has surged, says Ed Schneider at the Santa Barbara Botanic Garden, because of the gardening boom (retail garden sales are up nearly 50% since 1988, to $22.8 billion in 1992) and competitively priced supplies. At the 275-store Home Depot chain, for instance, prices for plastic pond liners have dropped 30% over the past four years. Find out more from the National Pond Society's Pondscapes ($24 for 10 issues a year; 800-742-4701).