Olympic Green
By Joan Levinstein

(MONEY Magazine) – $90 Average price of a single-event ticket at the Salt Lake City 2002 Winter Olympics.

$1,925 Recent sale price on eBay for a ticket to the gold medal ice hockey game at the 2002 Olympics.

$625,000 U.S. federal spending for the 2002 Winter Olympics, per athlete.

$57,000 U.S. federal spending for the 1996 summer Olympics in Atlanta, per athlete, adjusted for inflation.

$25,000 Reward to be given by the U.S. Olympic Committee to U.S. athletes for winning a gold medal in Salt Lake City. This year's reward is $10,000 more than at any previous games.

$750,000 Annual budget of the U.S. Biathlon Association. The biathlon is an Olympic sport combining cross-country skiing and riflery.

$9 million Annual budget of U.S. Figure Skating Association.


Sources: Barlett & Steele, Sports Illustrated (Dec. 10, 2001); Salt Lake City Organizing Committee; U.S. Figure Skating Association.