Sin Stocks
By David Futrelle

(MONEY Magazine) – The new Vice Fund invests in companies deriving revenue from "products often considered socially irresponsible," including alcohol and tobacco. But if you really want to be bad, these stocks each offer a concentrated bet on one of the seven deadly sins. --David Futrelle

PRIDE Pride goeth before a fall, and many of us engage in financial hubris by borrowing more than we should. Fair Isaac (FIC) rates credit--good, bad and ugly.

GLUTTONY Sure, Mickey D's helps us supersize our waistlines, but nothing says gluttony like a Krispy Kreme (KKD). As Homer Simpson once put it: "Mmm... doughnuts."

ENVY Want to look like a movie star? Have some botox injected into your wrinkled face. Allergan (AGN) boasts an enviable 90% of the market worldwide.

SLOTH Recliners made by La-Z-Boy (LZB) have been the comfy chairs of choice for La-Z men for years and yearzzzzzzz.

AVARICE There's no better place to see naked avarice in action than an Atlantic City casino--like those owned by Trump Hotels & Casinos (DJT).

LUST Playboy Enterprises (PLA) owns the eminence grise of girly mags. And Hef himself proves that even creepy (rich) geezers can score.

ANGER The giant, mutant brutes of World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) act out the angry urges we try so hard to suppress--wearing spandex, no less.